Wednesday, December 4, 2013


When the snow turns black

I'll be back - I'll be here
Between the blinking of an eye
When the screams attack
Welcome back - Cavalier
Before the newborn starts to cry

And it's all
In the eyes of a child
Flaming star
Or the call of the wild

Black Xmas - Devils Eve
The Whispers In The Breeze
Black Xmas - Devil's Wine
The River Bleeds In Time

Where the red clouds chase
That's the place - In a dream
Across the suns hot blazing sky
Where he hides his face
In disgrace - For his queen
He must choose the way she dies

And they say
When his eyes turn to green
He'll awake
Living sin never seen

Watches over you
That's the clue - To believe
An instant and you're hypnotised
Watch his eyes look through
False or true - To deceive
You take his place you're crucified

And they say
When his eyes turn to black
Will he stay
Or return
To his damned infernal pack

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shit I forgot to upload this year

Been hella busy - here's some things n' stuff.